Thursday, April 2, 2015

Embrace Flipping Digital Book

With the development of science and technology, digital products like mobile phones, tablets and e-readers can be seen everywhere. More and more people like to read digital books online or offline on their computers, tablets and smart phones. It is reported that by 2014 28% of adults in America had read an e-book. And this number is still increasing. Compared with printed book, digital book does have a lot of advantages, which is destined to play a major part in human life. Taking flipping digital books created by Flip HTML5 as an example, I will show you three advantages and benefits of digital books.

Easy to Use
Many people don’t trust digital books, since flipping digital books are relatively new. But this is indeed an imaginary fear. Flipping books created by Flip HTML5 is easy to use for anyone. Its toolbar contains what users need to handle the book. With a few clicks, users can add highlight, note or signature to the book page; set thumbnails; zoom in/out the page; add bookmarks and a table of contents and so forth. Users can expect much more reading experience from digital flipping books than from printed versions.

Portable and Mobile
No printed book is as portable as a digital book. Based on HTML5 & jQuery technology, Flip HTML5 enables users to create HTML page turning books which can be viewed on any browser and device, online or offline. It means users can read their books anywhere and anytime as they like. Besides, there is no limit of the amount of books uploaded to Flip HTML5 Cloud Host. It is possible and simple to carry hundreds and thousands of digital books.

It is quite hard to find a targeted paper book in the library or book store. However, unlike paper books, digital books made by Flip HTML5 are SEO-friendly. Flip HTML5 can extract the text from original file and convert it to searchable text that can be crawled by search engines. Users can search the book he/she wants easily and quickly from the comfort of home.

To sum up, flipping books can meet all people’s reading requirements with plenty of advantages over printed books. In this digital world, they will do better and become a major part of our life. They are surely the future of books! Let’s embrace them now!

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