Monday, March 30, 2015

Convert PDF Brochure into Interactive Page Flipping Publication

Brochures are advertising pieces that are used to highlight the information of a company, products and services. Traditionally, a brochure is distributed by person or placed in brochure racks. Every time you go to travel in a place of interest, you would find the brochures near tourist attractions for tour illustration. Businessmen also use it to deliver useful information and lift up the company’s brand. Due to its flexibility, people in different walks of life would use it as a promotional advertising tool at an affordable cost.

However, times are moving forward, and so do the PDF brochures. It’s time for users to transfer their attention from PDF brochure to online brochure ( You would find out more amazing things that online brochures could bring you and inspire your online marketing ideas, which is a win-win discipline. You would find out how your peers are using the high-tech platform to refine the online content for more page view and higher conversion rate.

How does PDF to brochure ( generate brand new online marketing strategies?

First of all, it provides you with three-dimensional reading experience. You could page flip the created publication enjoying the realistic reading mode. Flip PDF Pro allows users to display the creations on PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone and android devices without screen adaption or solution damage. Because of the diversity of mobile devices, your readers would use different tools for online surfing, getting rid of the trouble that connects you to a desktop table.

Actively interact with readers. I wonder if you would feel bored when you read plain text and image materials, and that’s why some students would be mind-absent during the book reading. But things would be quite different when you insert videos and audios into the digital publication. It is an intuitive way to display the details of your products vividly. You could not only entertain your readers, but also interpret product features more conveniently.

Global reach to audience. Flip PDF Pro allows you to switch between 15 languages and readers could view your online publication in their mother tongue. You could also make full use of the popular social networks to share your creations to friends of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + and more. All these networks are daily communicating tools for most people, which means people would often use the networks to exchange their favorite subjects.

Put your creation online and design it into an interactive page flipping publication. It deserves your effort because Flip PDF Pro offers you a wide platform to showcase your products and achieve more support from audiences online. 

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