Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Delete Extra Pages in Flash Books of FlipBook Creator Professional

I always use the FlipBook Creator Professional to simply convert flipping Flash. But one day I got a PDF which contains lots of pages, I never tried the Edit Page Function in the software, and this time, I tried, it is really amazing!

In fact, I didn't import all pages of the PDF, but as the video, I only Imported 10 pages to try. 
Firstly, I delete the first page of the Flash Book, because I think it is an extra page;
Secondly, I Import new pages of a two-pages PDF file;

I didn't do the changing order in the flip flash, but you can do it in your software;

In addition, i believe that most of you have seen the buttons on the frame. All buttons in Edit Page interface of FlipBook Creator Professional have their own features to help you to design your selected page.

You can add links, text, shapes, images, videos, Flash, buttons, and printable areas on the selected pages. All added items can be individually customized as your wish.

Friday, November 15, 2013

FlipBook Creator Converts Page Flip Books for Mobile

When you have a meeting that need you to give a speech, but you are not ready with your presentation, what would you do? Because only half a day, your speech should be shown to all.

Certainly, you will save the presentation in your mobile phone or iPad. But the tranditional PDF or Word is not that shinning for speech, so you may find a way to let others remember you!

A stunning flipping book from FlipBook Creator will help you! All kinds of medium you can embed, and for the most convenient usage, you can install your book in your mobile devices, and you will have engough time to be familar with your vivid presentation.

For making a page flipping book on mobile devices in FlipBook Creator, you can do as the normal conversion except the outputting format you can only choose HTML or ZIP with mobile version, so that you can get the mobile version of flipping page books in FlipBook Creator.

Step1: Common importation of PDF

Step2: Customize the flipbook with various settings in the main interface of FlipBook Creator;

Step3: Output, for mobile version flip page book in FlipBook Creator, it is the most important step!

At last, you should copy the mobile version file of flip page book to your mobile devices, so you can view on iPad, iPhone or Android operating system Pad or mobile phones.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Choices for the Toolbar Position of Page Flip Magazines in Flip HTML5

When you have the files of Image, Office or PDF, do you ever think this kind of files are not that vivid, and seems not that persuasive?
Peter find a flipping book maker that called Flip HTML5, which has comparative advantages and differences from the traditional flipbook software. More reasonable charge methods and mature HTML5 technique that would be accepted by more browsers or devices.
So as the Flip HTML5 software becomes more and more popular, some question about  using the software has been put forward. For example, how to change the toolbar position of page flip magazine by Flip HTML5.
If you do not want to watch the YouTube solution, or you still have some problem with changing toolbar position of page flip book, you can see:
Importing your files to Flip HTML5;
Choosing a template with the toolbar that you are satisfied.
Output or upload the flipping magazine which is with all your customized settings.
(The toolbar has different appearance in different templates, so you can choose one which you most like!)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Top Premium Quality Tools to Create and Publish Flip Page e-Magazine and Flipbooks Anywhere

Want to publish an advertisement on your website? The common advertisings are so out of time and they cannot attract customers or readers. If you try a flipping page advertisement on your website, everything changes. FlipHtml5 Free Magazine Maker by Flip Html5 as the new Html5 based flipping book maker will let users free to convert all PDF files into flipping books. When you are making a website, with an animated flipping magazine on the top of the page will call up all viewers’ attention.

After getting a useful creator to make flipping books, you may curious about how to embed the flipping books into your web pages. It is very easy; you need to output an Html format flipping book which contains three folders and an html format file. 
The Flip Html5 Free Magazine Maker will let you custom all features of Html5 flipping books in external and functional.

Download Free Magazine Maker for free trail and experience the page turning effect.

Although the Html5 is becoming a popular technique to make flipping books, there are still many people are addicted in using Flash flipping books. For Flash users, they can use 3D PageFlip Standard to make Flash flipping books with 3D page turning effect.

Both two flipping books software above all are top premium quality Tools to create and publish flip page e-magazine and flip books anywhere.

Friday, September 13, 2013

5+ Best WordPress Image Galleries and Sliders

Anyone who is using the WordPress may want to decorate the blog and make the blog to be more attractive and fuller of content.
And with Image Galleries and Sliders with jQuery technique, the blog pages as WordPress will get more followers and readers.
When talking 5+ best WordPress Image Galleries and Sliders, you must mention the Hi Slider free WordPress Gallery Plugin as the first choice! And other four options may be selected as Novi Slider, Avia Slider, jCover Sliderflip and s3Slider jQuery Plugin.

1. Hi Slider free WordPress Gallery Plugin

More Choices for Using:
A self-customized jQuery Image Plugin Maker which is not only for blog as WordPress, but also other specialized version of outputting formats for Joomla, the Joomla Module, for Drupal, the Drupal Module and also the most important and common use of basic version of HTML that will let you embed the jQuery Image sliders into websites as banner or dynamic image galleries.

Customized Settings for Designing:
Different styled templates and skins for free applying in any jQuery Image Plugins. There are also advanced functional and external settings in the Hi Slider free WordPress Gallery Plugin. And more magical templates, skins and functional buttons would be added as potential and developing software.

Multiple Individualized Transition Effects for Turning Pages
More than 10 different transition effects are existed in Hi Slider free WordPress Gallery Plugin. And each slider of the jQuery gallery can be individually and separately set. Beyond your imagination and expectation, the 3D effects also have been developed for users to freely apply.

Download Hi Slider for Free trail you will know how amazing it is! The responsive transition effects in the jQuery Slider will certainly surprise you!

 2. Novi Slider

For the similarity with Hi Slider, it also contains different transition effects, and it is for WordPress jQeury Plugin.

3. Avia Slider

Eight transition effects in the software and full jQuery!

 4. jCover Sliderflip

It is developed to enable fast and granular customization of the look and feel, it is for Drual plugin.

5. s3Slider jQuery Plugin

It contains jQuery library and with a javascript for embedding on web pages.

More information of Hi Slider or the jQuery Sliders you can go to Google Search with related keywords.