Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Online Yearbook Maker to Create Excellent Yearbooks with Ease and Fun

Now it is quite common for schools to create yearbooks, which generally cover a wide range of topics from academics, sports, clubs and others. It is not a secret that yearbooks are a perfect way to record, highlight and commemorate the past year of a school. As digital publishing software spring up, many schools have turned to publish digital yearbooks, in addition to printed copies, for students’ convenience of reading. Truly, digital versions do bring a deal of benefits for students, especially for those prefer reading on electronic devices.

Whether you’re creating an elementary school yearbook, a high school yearbook or college yearbook, FlipHTML5 has you covered. This amazing online yearbook maker provides a set of stunning features for you to design, publish and share fabulous digital yearbooks. With it, you will be surprised to find how easy and fun to create e-yearbooks.

Well-designed Templates
Wanna create a great-looking yearbook - but have no idea about yearbook design? No worries! FlipHTML5 provides a number of well-designed templates for you to make a perfect outlook. And the easy-to-use Custom Setting also enables you to quickly change the look and feel of your publication. With a few clicks, you can change the background, the toolbar and the book size, etc.

Rich Media
If you are eager to push the limit of your creativity further, and desired to impress your audience, check out the feature - Rich Media Embedding. Links, slideshows, videos and audio all are supported to be embedded into the page.
  • Links are capable of directing your readers to a specific page or a website.
  • Slideshows make it possible to put multiple photos on a single page.
  • Videos help to present scenes and events visually and vividly.
  • Audio creates a comfortable and happy mood for reading.

Easy Sharing
As we all know, Facebook is one of the most popular online social network and it gives you unique chance to let your followers know about your publications. FlipHTML5 helps you easily make your yearbooks shareable in Facebook.
High time to author an excellent yearbook with ease and fun. Download the software, please click here.

Friday, July 17, 2015

jQuery Flipbook Maker: Expand Your Audience in the Mobile World

Research reveals that people tend to move between multiple devices to view digital publications, and many of them prefer to read on the go. So that it is necessary and essential to publish cross-platform flipbooks that are accessible and viewable for global audiences on whatever devices they use. FlipHTML5 is such a user-friendly jQuery flipbook maker, capable of expanding your audience in the mobile world.

The jQuery flipbook maker proves to be a good helper in digital publication creation, design and publishing. It transforms your PDF into an inspiring flipbook with page flipping effect in a matter of minutes. You have complete control over the look and the feel of your flipbook. A great number of beautiful online/local templates and themes are provided for you to choose from. Otherwise, you are free to design a perfect unique appearance by changing background image, customizing toolbar color, showing/hiding buttons, enabling hard cover and far more.

FlipHTML5 enables you to bring all the action and interactivity of the digital world to your flipbook. You can enrich your digital content with video clips, either local or online. Simply by copying and pasting the video link, you will be surprised to find it easy to embed YouTube or Vimeo video, without hassle with downloads at all. Aside from adding videos, FlipHTML5 also allows you to add beautiful background music to get your readers in a jolly mood.
As a jQuery flipbook publisher, FlipHTML5 empowers all your digital publication to be optimized for major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Win8. Readers have access to your publication from their mobile devices, without the need for any apps at all. They can engage themselves with touch experiences, swiping, tapping and pinching the book. Plus, they also have ability to read your e-publication wherever they are, whenever they like.
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