Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Powerful Free flip book maker to create professional eBook in minutes

Are you still in deep consideration of how to improve efficiency in creating eBooks? Are you still envious of others fabulous flip book? With PUB HTML5, it is just a small of case for you.

As far as I am concerted, PUB HTML5 is the leading flipping book publishing solution for you to convert your existing PDF into professional eBook in minutes. Besides, it enables you to customize your flip book and enrich it with multimedia. In the following, I would rather to show you the how powerful PUB HTML5 is.

First of all, it is the free flip book maker that allows you to create attractive eBook with page flip effect. With different styles templates and themes, you can publish different types of eBooks at ease. Besides, you can add your company logo to brand your eBook.

free flipbook maker

To catch the eyes of the audience, your flip book should be readable with the rich content. The dynamic text and funny videos should take a minor account in professional eBook. Luckily, the page editor and animation editor in this free flip book maker gives you the ability to modify your flip book with various objects and different animation effect.

What’s more, PUB HTML5 provides you multiple output formats: HTML, ZIP, EXE, Email to, To FTP Server, and Save as Plug-in. Or you can upload the flip book online to its its cloud platform. And it is easy to share your flip book with friends through the social media. And with PUB HTML5, your flip books can be easily access with any mobile devices no matter where you are.

free flipbook maker

All in all, this free flip book maker is worth trying. No matter you are the professional publishers or amateur flip book lovers, no matter your flip books are for business or privacy, PUB HTML5 is your best choice to create professional eBook with the least time.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Store your college memories into interactive page flip yearbook.

College yearbook contains our one year’s best memorable issues in campus, so yearbook should be specifically made and always record the best moments to our students. Generally colleges make paper yearbook and sometimes paper yearbook is hard to be distributed. So here in this blog we’ll talk about another solution of making college yearbook: the digital solution based onsophisticated technology. We now are able to make vivid page flip college e-yearbook instead of the paper one. Digital paper flip yearbook now seems to be more welcomed than paper version by students because digital publication meets the digital trend of the world. Since students now are more willing to use electronic gadgets, they are more willing to access to information through electronic platforms. With regard to the cost and the ecology, lots of colleges now chose to go digital publishing instead of paper printing. 

Indeed yearbook under digital solution appears to be more advantageous than paper one in many aspects. Digital yearbook allows more space of designing and customizing. Professional digital publishingsoftware generally offers various customizing tools, and you may use the tools to customize your yearbook into a various different versions, of different styles. Besides, e-year book are more easily to be distributed through the web, while needing nearly no distributing fees. A wider range of people can share the content of your e-book on their electronic devices. Third, as mentioned above, digital publishing is actually an ecological action. It reduces paper waste and protects our environments. Anyway digital publishing is good.

Flipbuilder is a professional digital publishing program that makes super interactive and mesmerizing college yearbook.

Monday, June 23, 2014

5 best wordpress magazine plug-ins for online magazine publishing.

Wordpress is a famous personal blog writingplatform on which marketers tend to write articles advertising their products and marketing their brand. Bloggers expect high visiting traffic to their blog pages and sometimes earning high visiting traffic is quite tough, especially when you can hardly come up with high quality articles. Now you get a grand wordpress blog assistant! Flipbuilder is a professional digital flip book making software which allows you to create riveting page turn e-book plug-ins for your wordpress blog. Page turn flip book plug-ins help bring huge interactivity and dynamic contents to your blog and increase your client engagements by 4 times. Psychologically people can get more easily attracted and inspired by items with interactive interface. More importantly , your flipbook plug-ins can be added with hyperlinks which directs your clients to your web store, tremendously increasing your business orders.
The process of creating gorgeous flipbook plug-in for your blog requires no programming code at all! It’s simply a mouse clicking issue. When you’ve created your flipbook with flipbuilder and are ready to publish, you may chose the Plug-in for Wordpress selection and your flip-book will be saved to local as a plug-in for wordpress. Plug-ins for other platforms such as Joomla, Drupal can also be made simply by clicking. The greatest advantage of your flip book plug-in is that the grand interactivity literally makes your blog come alive. It intuitively and inspiringly advertises your products and more efficiently increases client conversion rates. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Free page flip book software for download - create personalized muilti-media eBook & magazine on Mac.

When seeing our powerful digital publishing software at the first time, lots of people may expect to have a first -hand experience of building an amazingly customized e-publication. No problem at all. Flipbuilder has offered a free version program, also with lots of powerful functions, that enables people to have a first-hand flipbook creating experience with their own genius. Free version downloading is always available in our website (www.flipbuilder.com). Besides free version for a first hand creating experience, we also have a series of other versions, such as MAC version, MAC pro version, windows business version, realizing digital publishing on all kinds of electronic platforms. 

Due to it hugely inspiring page turn effect and extremely dynamic rich media contents embedded, you flipbook is actually an excellent e-marketing flipbook efficiently advertizing your company and product information to public. Digital publishing is an extremely brilliant marketing channel in recent years, as a rising number of people are accessing information through electronic devices. So we can see a promising future in digital publishing on promoting business. When you online published your e- magazine based on our program, you magazine can be a trackable online magazine. You may easily come to know the page traffic of your magazine and trace the behavior of your viewers through Google Analytics tool.
We always extol the idea that once you get our program, it’s totally your right to customize your own beautiful e-publication with no trace of the software maker at all!