Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Online Yearbook Maker to Create Excellent Yearbooks with Ease and Fun

Now it is quite common for schools to create yearbooks, which generally cover a wide range of topics from academics, sports, clubs and others. It is not a secret that yearbooks are a perfect way to record, highlight and commemorate the past year of a school. As digital publishing software spring up, many schools have turned to publish digital yearbooks, in addition to printed copies, for students’ convenience of reading. Truly, digital versions do bring a deal of benefits for students, especially for those prefer reading on electronic devices.

Whether you’re creating an elementary school yearbook, a high school yearbook or college yearbook, FlipHTML5 has you covered. This amazing online yearbook maker provides a set of stunning features for you to design, publish and share fabulous digital yearbooks. With it, you will be surprised to find how easy and fun to create e-yearbooks.

Well-designed Templates
Wanna create a great-looking yearbook - but have no idea about yearbook design? No worries! FlipHTML5 provides a number of well-designed templates for you to make a perfect outlook. And the easy-to-use Custom Setting also enables you to quickly change the look and feel of your publication. With a few clicks, you can change the background, the toolbar and the book size, etc.

Rich Media
If you are eager to push the limit of your creativity further, and desired to impress your audience, check out the feature - Rich Media Embedding. Links, slideshows, videos and audio all are supported to be embedded into the page.
  • Links are capable of directing your readers to a specific page or a website.
  • Slideshows make it possible to put multiple photos on a single page.
  • Videos help to present scenes and events visually and vividly.
  • Audio creates a comfortable and happy mood for reading.

Easy Sharing
As we all know, Facebook is one of the most popular online social network and it gives you unique chance to let your followers know about your publications. FlipHTML5 helps you easily make your yearbooks shareable in Facebook.
High time to author an excellent yearbook with ease and fun. Download the software, please click here.

Friday, July 17, 2015

jQuery Flipbook Maker: Expand Your Audience in the Mobile World

Research reveals that people tend to move between multiple devices to view digital publications, and many of them prefer to read on the go. So that it is necessary and essential to publish cross-platform flipbooks that are accessible and viewable for global audiences on whatever devices they use. FlipHTML5 is such a user-friendly jQuery flipbook maker, capable of expanding your audience in the mobile world.

The jQuery flipbook maker proves to be a good helper in digital publication creation, design and publishing. It transforms your PDF into an inspiring flipbook with page flipping effect in a matter of minutes. You have complete control over the look and the feel of your flipbook. A great number of beautiful online/local templates and themes are provided for you to choose from. Otherwise, you are free to design a perfect unique appearance by changing background image, customizing toolbar color, showing/hiding buttons, enabling hard cover and far more.

FlipHTML5 enables you to bring all the action and interactivity of the digital world to your flipbook. You can enrich your digital content with video clips, either local or online. Simply by copying and pasting the video link, you will be surprised to find it easy to embed YouTube or Vimeo video, without hassle with downloads at all. Aside from adding videos, FlipHTML5 also allows you to add beautiful background music to get your readers in a jolly mood.
As a jQuery flipbook publisher, FlipHTML5 empowers all your digital publication to be optimized for major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Win8. Readers have access to your publication from their mobile devices, without the need for any apps at all. They can engage themselves with touch experiences, swiping, tapping and pinching the book. Plus, they also have ability to read your e-publication wherever they are, whenever they like.
View more about jQuery flipbook maker on

Monday, May 18, 2015



數位出版的出現,使內容形態和使用方式不斷更迭。PDF格式的電子書,在新發展中可以嵌入音頻,動畫與影像,甚至具有逼真的翻頁效果。PDF 翻頁書的內容互動性越來越高,讀者再也不是悶頭一頁一頁地看,而是不斷地利用書中的超鏈接作跳躍,相互連接,相互索引,閱讀完一本電子書。


那如何體現電子書的商業價值呢?有二種方法。其一,需要購買才能閱讀。小說愛好者都很清楚,看到高潮情節突然小說就上架了,沒有辦法,只能付費閱讀。而電子書,電子雜誌,電子報這類內容翻頁書的購買,可以通過線上圖書館進行管理和控制。其二,添加超鏈接和廣告插件。 如果您的數字化電子刊物是商業性的,例如電子畫冊,產品目錄,電子DM,您可以添加超鏈接,鏈接具體內容到您的網店或官網。同時,您也可以添加廣告插件,全方位展示您的產品。這樣,您不但為讀者提供了相關內容,還創造機會讓更多的人輕鬆購買產品。

而如此翻頁電子書的製作,需要專業的flipping book軟體。Flip PDF Professional 就是其中一種支持繁體中文翻頁書軟體。以上所說的皆可實現,還可以在線分享PDF 翻頁書到Facebook 等社交平台。至於詳細的功能,行動比語言更加具備說服力,免費下載一個試一試就知道了。

Monday, May 11, 2015

Adding Animations in Focusky to Grab Audience’s Attention

Want to grab audience’s attention? Want your presentation lifelike and vivid? Then create a dynamic presentation with animation effects! The use of animations is quite common in presentations. It is proved that, compared with static messages, animations (if designed properly) are more effective for telling stories. They really provide visual interest to presentations.

Focusky, as a next generation presentation tool, serves to create lively presentations with dynamic animation effects. This freeanimation presentation software makes it easy to add animations to slides and inserted objects with Animation Editor. The Animation function offers a variety of effects which users can apply to slides and objects like text and images. The effects can reinforce the idea and catch audience’s eyeballs.

Fucusky has more than 40 built-in animations that can be categorized into three groups of effects. These effects are Entrance, Exit and Emphasis. Here are step-by-step tutorials on how to add animation effects to slides and objects in Focusky.

How to Add Dynamic Animation Effects to Slides

1. Click the icon of “Animate Path Content”;
2. Select the slide which you want to apply animations to;
3. Click “Add Effect” to choose an animation effect from the list;
4. Customize the effects;
a)         Select an option under the Trigger Action to decide the way how the slide animations occur.
Ø  “Click” means the animation occurs when you click the mouse.
Ø  “With Previous” means you want the animation to occur at the same time as the previous animation.
Ø  “After Previous” means the animation will take place after the previous animation.

b)         In “Animation Settings”, you can set the speed that you want the animation to play.

How to Add Dynamic Animation Effects to Objects

1. Click the icon of “Animation” on the main toolbar;
2. Select the object or objects that you want to add animations to;
3. Click “Add Effect” to choose an animation effect from the list;
4. Customize the effects
a)       Select an option under the Trigger Action to decide the way how the object animations occur.
Ø  “Click” means the animation occurs when you click the mouse.
Ø  “With Previous” means you want the animation to occur at the same time as the previous animation.
Ø  “After Previous” means the animation will take place after the previous animation.

b)       In “Animation Settings”, you can set the speed that you want the animation to play.

In addition, Focusky allows you to preview the animation effect of a single object, and even all animations on a slide. If you find the animation is not what you expect, you can change it easily.

Click here to view animation presentations made with Focusky.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Online eBook Creator Flip HTML5 to Make eBooks for Every Device and Platform

Have you imagined that you can carry hundreds and thousands of books no matter where you are, and read the book on any device and platform as you like comfortably? This kind of seeming pie-in-the-sky idea, believe it or not, can come into reality, thanks to professional online eBookcreator Flip HTML5. This stunning online eBook publishing platform can easily and quickly create eye-pleasing eBooks with 3D page turning effect for free. Without any programming skills, anyone can design a good-looking eBook which can be shared on social media and embedded on website. In addition, eBooks generated by Flip HTML5, as I have mentioned above, can work on every device and platform, which provides a convenient way for users to read on whatever they like.

Bookcase embedded
Have no sever, no website to keep your final publications? Don’t worry! Flip HTML5 provides you a Cloud Sever to store your eBooks safely. The Amazon-S3-based Cloud can protect your data from both logical and physical failures and guarding against data loss from unintended users actions, application errors and infrastructure failures. Your publications are highly secured here!

The built-in bookcase can automatically collect all your digital publications. Moreover, you are allowed to create new bookcases and organize your eBooks by categories, which ensures you can fast search the targeted book. Flip HTML5 offers 500G storage for Free version users, but unlimited for Pro and above versions.

Cross devices and platforms

After successful online publication, you can get your eBook’s URL, which can be put anywhere you want. And the social network integration feature of Flip HTML5 makes it possible to share your e-publication easily to social media. Besides, the very code of your eBook enables you to insert your publication to websites. No matter which way you choose to share your final publication, the HTML5 eBook can work on almost all devices and platforms, including Windows PC, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android and Windows Phone. And all the current Web Browsers also support HTML5 eBook operation. The mobile friendly feature gives you great convenience to read your eBooks anywhere and anytime. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

PDF to Flipbook Converter – Make Digital book Accessible on All Browsers

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe systems. This format provides your document in best format and permits sharing of documents using any software. However, everything has smart and dangerous sides. PDF does have several disadvantages.

It is quite difficult to read files in PDF format on a computer screen. Users have to spend a good deal of time in scrolling through the pages when viewing them on the screen. And it is almost impossible to edit a PDF which is actually an image of a document. What’s more, PDF files are not always fully integrated into Web pages unless Adobe Reader or other PDF reader plug-in is installed.

Then how to avoid these troubles? Check Flip HTML5! This awesome PDF to flipbook converter can get the advantages of PDF without suffering its disadvantages. It provides an easy and quick way to convert a static PDF file to a page flipping book with interactivity and animation. Furthermore, Flip HTML5 provides many powerful features that you cannot expect from PDF.

What You Can Expect from Flipbook Made by Flip HTML5?
1.       Support PDF conversion;
2.       Create digital flipbooks with realistic page-turning effects in seconds;
3.       Fully customize the look and feel of flipping book;
4.       Freely add/delete pages, re-arrange page orders;
5.       Embed rich multimedia with animation effects;
6.       SEO-friendly;
7.       Google Analytics Integration;
8.       Publish to local computer or online;
9.       Share flipbooks via email and social media.
10.   Work on all web browsers and devices (desktop, tablet, mobile phone);

Try FlipHTML5! You will find more amazing features!  

Embrace Flipping Digital Book

With the development of science and technology, digital products like mobile phones, tablets and e-readers can be seen everywhere. More and more people like to read digital books online or offline on their computers, tablets and smart phones. It is reported that by 2014 28% of adults in America had read an e-book. And this number is still increasing. Compared with printed book, digital book does have a lot of advantages, which is destined to play a major part in human life. Taking flipping digital books created by Flip HTML5 as an example, I will show you three advantages and benefits of digital books.

Easy to Use
Many people don’t trust digital books, since flipping digital books are relatively new. But this is indeed an imaginary fear. Flipping books created by Flip HTML5 is easy to use for anyone. Its toolbar contains what users need to handle the book. With a few clicks, users can add highlight, note or signature to the book page; set thumbnails; zoom in/out the page; add bookmarks and a table of contents and so forth. Users can expect much more reading experience from digital flipping books than from printed versions.

Portable and Mobile
No printed book is as portable as a digital book. Based on HTML5 & jQuery technology, Flip HTML5 enables users to create HTML page turning books which can be viewed on any browser and device, online or offline. It means users can read their books anywhere and anytime as they like. Besides, there is no limit of the amount of books uploaded to Flip HTML5 Cloud Host. It is possible and simple to carry hundreds and thousands of digital books.

It is quite hard to find a targeted paper book in the library or book store. However, unlike paper books, digital books made by Flip HTML5 are SEO-friendly. Flip HTML5 can extract the text from original file and convert it to searchable text that can be crawled by search engines. Users can search the book he/she wants easily and quickly from the comfort of home.

To sum up, flipping books can meet all people’s reading requirements with plenty of advantages over printed books. In this digital world, they will do better and become a major part of our life. They are surely the future of books! Let’s embrace them now!