Friday, November 15, 2013

FlipBook Creator Converts Page Flip Books for Mobile

When you have a meeting that need you to give a speech, but you are not ready with your presentation, what would you do? Because only half a day, your speech should be shown to all.

Certainly, you will save the presentation in your mobile phone or iPad. But the tranditional PDF or Word is not that shinning for speech, so you may find a way to let others remember you!

A stunning flipping book from FlipBook Creator will help you! All kinds of medium you can embed, and for the most convenient usage, you can install your book in your mobile devices, and you will have engough time to be familar with your vivid presentation.

For making a page flipping book on mobile devices in FlipBook Creator, you can do as the normal conversion except the outputting format you can only choose HTML or ZIP with mobile version, so that you can get the mobile version of flipping page books in FlipBook Creator.

Step1: Common importation of PDF

Step2: Customize the flipbook with various settings in the main interface of FlipBook Creator;

Step3: Output, for mobile version flip page book in FlipBook Creator, it is the most important step!

At last, you should copy the mobile version file of flip page book to your mobile devices, so you can view on iPad, iPhone or Android operating system Pad or mobile phones.