Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Choices for the Toolbar Position of Page Flip Magazines in Flip HTML5

When you have the files of Image, Office or PDF, do you ever think this kind of files are not that vivid, and seems not that persuasive?
Peter find a flipping book maker that called Flip HTML5, which has comparative advantages and differences from the traditional flipbook software. More reasonable charge methods and mature HTML5 technique that would be accepted by more browsers or devices.
So as the Flip HTML5 software becomes more and more popular, some question about  using the software has been put forward. For example, how to change the toolbar position of page flip magazine by Flip HTML5.
If you do not want to watch the YouTube solution, or you still have some problem with changing toolbar position of page flip book, you can see:
Importing your files to Flip HTML5;
Choosing a template with the toolbar that you are satisfied.
Output or upload the flipping magazine which is with all your customized settings.
(The toolbar has different appearance in different templates, so you can choose one which you most like!)