Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Store your college memories into interactive page flip yearbook.

College yearbook contains our one year’s best memorable issues in campus, so yearbook should be specifically made and always record the best moments to our students. Generally colleges make paper yearbook and sometimes paper yearbook is hard to be distributed. So here in this blog we’ll talk about another solution of making college yearbook: the digital solution based onsophisticated technology. We now are able to make vivid page flip college e-yearbook instead of the paper one. Digital paper flip yearbook now seems to be more welcomed than paper version by students because digital publication meets the digital trend of the world. Since students now are more willing to use electronic gadgets, they are more willing to access to information through electronic platforms. With regard to the cost and the ecology, lots of colleges now chose to go digital publishing instead of paper printing. 

Indeed yearbook under digital solution appears to be more advantageous than paper one in many aspects. Digital yearbook allows more space of designing and customizing. Professional digital publishingsoftware generally offers various customizing tools, and you may use the tools to customize your yearbook into a various different versions, of different styles. Besides, e-year book are more easily to be distributed through the web, while needing nearly no distributing fees. A wider range of people can share the content of your e-book on their electronic devices. Third, as mentioned above, digital publishing is actually an ecological action. It reduces paper waste and protects our environments. Anyway digital publishing is good.

Flipbuilder is a professional digital publishing program that makes super interactive and mesmerizing college yearbook.

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