Monday, June 23, 2014

5 best wordpress magazine plug-ins for online magazine publishing.

Wordpress is a famous personal blog writingplatform on which marketers tend to write articles advertising their products and marketing their brand. Bloggers expect high visiting traffic to their blog pages and sometimes earning high visiting traffic is quite tough, especially when you can hardly come up with high quality articles. Now you get a grand wordpress blog assistant! Flipbuilder is a professional digital flip book making software which allows you to create riveting page turn e-book plug-ins for your wordpress blog. Page turn flip book plug-ins help bring huge interactivity and dynamic contents to your blog and increase your client engagements by 4 times. Psychologically people can get more easily attracted and inspired by items with interactive interface. More importantly , your flipbook plug-ins can be added with hyperlinks which directs your clients to your web store, tremendously increasing your business orders.
The process of creating gorgeous flipbook plug-in for your blog requires no programming code at all! It’s simply a mouse clicking issue. When you’ve created your flipbook with flipbuilder and are ready to publish, you may chose the Plug-in for Wordpress selection and your flip-book will be saved to local as a plug-in for wordpress. Plug-ins for other platforms such as Joomla, Drupal can also be made simply by clicking. The greatest advantage of your flip book plug-in is that the grand interactivity literally makes your blog come alive. It intuitively and inspiringly advertises your products and more efficiently increases client conversion rates. 

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